Tweetup was also mentioned at Ambassade van de Creativiteit

Logo Ambassade van de Creativiteit

Logo Ambassade van de Creativiteit

Just a link before I forget it and for the next time to announce it more properly:

Ambassade van de Creativiteit

Also maybe of interest for you, fellow tweeters of The Hague, to check out this Ning Network of creative people with connections to The Hague…


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A Royal Location for #TweetUpTheHague no 2


At the entrance of the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague this poster commemorates the 25th birthday of the small Carlton chain of luxury hotels.

I wrote earlier about the history of the hotel:

In 2004 Mr J. Schoon published a small history (ISBN 90-9018992-0) of the Ambassador. Already in the 19nd century the hotel was set up and operated by Mrs Geertruida Vos, a daughter of the owner of the then famous hotel “Zalm” (Salmon) in Gouda which hotel Salmon was one of the first hotels in the Netherlands. Mrs Vos was very successful and therefor her nickname became “Goudvosje” (“little Gold Fox”).

So the Ambassador has a rich history as a hotel in the Hague.

Today it hosted #TweetUpTheHague Royally:


And it pointed us Royally to its
#TweetUpTheHague Carlton-Ambassador-Rubens-Bar-_MG_3793
Rubens Bar

Thanks Carlton Ambassador Hotel for offering your location, the welcome bubbly drink and the snacks! Thanks all co organizers and thanks all participants for being such a bubbly bunch!

More to follow
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Who’s attending?

Planning to attend? Let us know

and we will add you to the list:

Known Attendants:

  1. @CarltonTheHague AKA @tinus123
  2. @HappyHotelier AKA @Chairblog
  3. @koffiekitten
  4. @SuzyOge
  5. @soenarko
  6. @mummymug
  7. @MichielIgluu
  8. @mevrouwdevries
  9. @melindaroos
  10. @rudolph52
  11. @johnverschragen
  12. @JeroenBouwman
  13. @eethuisdezon
  14. @Dieke
  15. @Himeros
  16. @marcusvanwely
  17. @cwlotte
  18. @leonieke
  19. @filosoof
  20. @mswoodenshoes
  21. @rubennederpel
  22. @JeroenBouwman
  23. @EppoNuman
  24. @CleverClogs
  25. @andremiddendorp
  26. @audringje
  27. @FreyavanderValk

Expressed Interest:

  1. @Jan Booij Advies
  2. @fabiobruna
  3. @Lorenzosendar
  4. @eedebee
  5. @metcom
  6. @LotsOfPhotos
  7. @CongresArch
  8. @stenoomen
  9. @evankersen
  10. @crispywaffle
  11. You?

Alas! Not attending:

  1. @tigscreations
  2. @GRRegnault?
  3. @madbello
  4. @geertje888
  5. @wildtimessafari
  6. @FioonDH
  7. @caremhe
  8. You?

[oops linked in is wobbly and not everyone who has expressed interest is a known Twitterati]

As a tweetup is about putting faces to Twitterati, but having your face very loud here might be a bit intrusive, here is the link to the slideshow [I’m not able to embed it here] of the Flickr Pool TweetUpTheHague that @koffiekitten kindly has set up. Please do add photos if you have them from #TweetupTheHague 01 or do tag the photos if they are not tagged!

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#tweetupthehague no.2

The first #tweetupthehague was held on a summer day last August in the garden of @wbii. A diverse group op people gathered, many met for the first time in person.  Connections were made, plans were made, and now here comes the second #tweetupthehague !  Don’t miss it!

Date: Friday, 5 February
Time: 16.00 – 18.00

Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel, Bar-Bistro Rubens, Sophialaan 2, 2514 NL The Hague. [Google Maps] Tram 1, 10 bus 20, 22, 24

Initiators: @happyhotelier @suzyoge @koffiekitten @CarltonTheHague


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#TweetUpTheHague no 1 Part 2

In order to get the full picture. I’ve republished the Posthoorn Article here

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#TweetUpTheHague no 1 Part 1

#TweetUpTheHague01 by @happyhotelier_MG_1525a
What a good initiative to dedicate a blog to the #TweetUpTheHague phenomenon.

This post is given an earlier date than I actually am writing it in order to get a bit of chronological order in the posts.

What is a #Tweetup?

If you Google the question you get something like this from Wordspy

A real world meeting between two or more people who know each other through the online Twitter service.

As simple as that and to be continued…

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